Embrace your faith


He told me he made the mountains and the oceans so vast

It was in the deepest of my thoughts that I saw the façade

Some have given me answers that are definitive

While some speak philosophy that’s contemplative

I can agree to accept that nobody can tell me for sure

About the world and the God and the reasons for anything that occurs

But it has been proven by men that faith can move mountains

What is faith you ask me, it is not a fact or promise

It is but your own being and the belief only you can earnestly believe

If answers are not found in the strange lives on this planet

Something known as hope is your weapon valiant

Don’t wander looking for others’ faith

You will not see any clarity in the disparity

There is one thing that takes time but will never fail

Your own belief so powerful don’t let go of it for anything else

What do you have to lose but gain?

Hope and faith and positivity, that energy never goes in vain

Embrace, embrace, embrace!

– Shreya Gupta (admin@gratistales.com)