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here Love has taught me not to look for it but to find its presence It has shown me the dullness in its absence It is not perfect and doesn’t aim to be It is like you and me and deserves more than just a try It is much deeper in its roots Even sweeter in its produce It is accepting not fake but realistic Shows you ways and gives you chances It is the complete opposite of pessimistic It balances Don’t overbear it by your bearings You know it hides behind the secrecies of caring It’s like the Sunday Sun and the Monday Moon Nothing special, indispensable for survival Fathom it before you endorse It is the “lived happily ever after” Over the mania of the Prince charming on a horse Let it uplift you to a better being Learn from it and be humble in what you are seeing It can destroy you they may say Or it changes you, shows you a better day Did they also allude it will although, always stay? Love, what is it? Don’t just ask for it at your worst, understand it first. - Shreya Gupta